Gisele Gherasim and Chet Brothers
Gisele Gherasim and Chet Brothers

Imagine a financial future that puts you at the center of the equation.

Over our decades of experience we have learned the formula for wealth management success.

High end tax, estate and financial planning


Value driven investment advice


Positive outcomes for clients

Brothers & Company is an independent Regina-based financial planning firm serving local individuals and families. Although we have built a long list of satisfied clients over our three decades in the business you’ll never feel like “just another account.”

Experience the Difference

We’re not a large bureaucratic national bank – and proud of it! The highly personalized way we work with our clients makes our client experience quite different from other firms in the Regina area.


We are one of the few firms who put clients’ interests before our own and operate with total transparency. As opposed to a wealth management “platform” which may leave you wondering what you’re invested in and why these decisions were made, your wealth will be managed with transparency.

Planning Focus

Every single client of our firm, no matter how in-depth the need, gets a financial plan. Planning is the foundation of everything we do and all the decisions that we make. To us, being your wealth manager isn’t about selling you mass-marketed products that will leave you unsatisfied. We go way deeper than that, providing you with a comprehensive and transparent solution that you will easily understand.

Strategic, Long-Term Outlook

We take the time to design a strategy that works for you and your future generations. You will experience a high touch approach delivered by a long-tenured team attuned to the specific goals and objectives of both your and your future generations.

“I founded my firm with the intention of acting totally in our clients’ best interests at all times. We’ve stood behind this over the years and will continue to do so.”